Sunday, April 24, 2011

Copperopolis RR - Podium!

Susannah Breen - 2nd
Beth Newell - 3rd
The Copperopolis Road Race is a Velo-Promo spring classic for NorCal racers. Held in Milton, Ca the course is a 21 mile loop that includes two significant climbs and a fair amount of bad pavement. Beth and Susannah were joined by 15 other P1/2 women, including a handful of Metromint and Webcor/SportVelo riders. Despite both riders efforts to split the group on the main climb over the first two laps, many of their competitors were not interested in working together and the group stayed mostly intact for the first 40 miles. Susannah got a rear flat on the 2nd lap, but was quickly back in the group due to the excellent follow-car support (thanks Rob Van Houweling and Michael Hernandez). Beth attacked at the beginning of the third lap and the group let her go. She held her gap for most of the main climb where she was joined by Susannah and Webcor's Rebecca Werner. Susannah took over the pace-making and the 3 riders went clear of the others and quickly built up a minute gap. Unfortunately, Beth suffered a bit of cramping and dropped off. Susannah and Rebecca continued to share the workload and Rebecca jumped first and was able to hold her gap for the win, Susannah 2nd, and Beth stayed clear of all the other women for 3rd. Thanks to Lynne Lamoureux of Podium Insight for the great pictures.

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